Project examples:
Mechanical, Electromagnetic and Mechatronic systems

Brushless (permanent magnet) motor with high electromagnetic torque density and very low cogging torque:

Study / Industrialization / Prototyping

Aeronautical application


Mechanical (gear) reducer with high torque density:

Ratio 150 - Max torque 1500 N.m - Mass 3kg

Study / Design

Aeronautical application

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Specific motor control:

Cryogenic environment
Polyphase system with fault-tolerant design

Study / Simulation / Optimization

Embedded space application

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Wheel motor:

Electric motor with integrated reducer (gearbox)
Integrated brake

Study / Design

Offroad application

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Optimization of Force/Current performance within a constrained space
Transient (dynamic) state study
Magnetic simulations with mechanical and electrical coupling

Prototyping (with our partners)

Electromechanical clutch

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Switching sensor assembly with high accuracy in a reduced overall dimensions

Study of performance robustness in relation to manufacturing tolerances

Study / Simulation / Prototyping

Aeronautical application

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3D CAD modeling and animation of an industrial conveyor:

Modeling parts / products
Modeling of several configurations

Creation of animations

convoyeur industriel 5lm
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Study of concepts and designs of multi-airgap motors with integrated magnetic reduction drive:

Electromagnetic sizing

Performance and competitiveness study (useful torque, feasibility, industrialization)

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Study and Benchmark of linear / tubular / longitudinal-tranverse field motor:

Steady and transients states
Magnetic - Mechanical - Electrical - Thermal coupling

3D simulations

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