5LM is your innovation partner approved for the French research and innovation tax credit (CIR and CII)

5LM, your partner for innovating

Culture of innovation is part of 5LM DNA.


However, we do not think Innovation can be claimed and delivered on request or in haste.

Innovation firstly brings by the projects of our clients. 5LM works on making an original idea or a specific need becomes an actual solution.

A rationalistic approach is often necessary to innovate and not to reinvent the wheel. This process adopted by 5LM can be summarized in three steps:

  • 1

    Identification and good understanding of the need

  • 2

    Analysis of existing Technologies, Products and State of the Art: Scientific Books and Publications, Theses, web exploring…

  • 3

    Reappropriation of relevant data, extrapolation, taking into account the specificity of our needs, Engineer-point-of-view critical analysis to evaluate the feasibility of transition from academic world to industrial solution, research of alternative solutions…

A period of maturation made of research and sagacity about specific problematic may also lead to innovation.

Sometimes, when you are given to recognize it, innovation comes by serendipity, when you are not expecting it…

5LM assists you to valorize any kind of innovation, and to strengthen your position on your target markets.


Industrial Property

Industrial Property

Our customers take advantage of the Industrial Property (IP) of the solutions developed by 5LM. Therefore, the production and commercialization of the resulting products do not rely on any other actor. A patent may valorize and reinforce your positioning in relation to your competitors

Engineers of 5LM have already developed patented technical solutions for electromechanical and magnetic products which have been embedded on thousands of aircraft flying all over the world.

French research Tax Credit (CIR and CII)

French research Tax Credit (CIR and CII)

5LM is approved as an organization for the French research and innovation tax credit (“Crédit Impôt Recherche” – CIR and “Crédit Impôt Innovation” – CII).

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