5LM – FIVE LEGS MOTIONS proposes or advises customized motion solutions for innovation and industry.

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Core Expertise


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The technologies we handle are mechatronic, mechanical, electromechanical and magnetic systems.

OUR Solutions

solutions 5lm

Our solutions are customized to meet required performances within customer interfaces constraints and under harsh environment requirements (temperatures, vibrations, humidity, EMC… DO160).

Our Products

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Our products fit in with your specific integration constraints and can be optimized especially regarding mass (weight) and reliability.


design to cost 5lm

From the very beginning of the design process, we take into account the manufacturing issues, we consider feasibility and follow a design-to-cost strategy.


Products Typology

The products we develop are customized products usually answering motion problematic (motorization, motion measurement…).


... and its components:


Moteur 5LM
  • Brushless permanent magnet motors (« Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor » - PMSM, BLDC)
  • Customized on demand
  • Low or null cogging torque
  • Multiple air gaps
  • Polyphase (3, 5, ...)
  • Failsafe and fault-tolerant design
  • Space Vector Control, Field Oriented Control (FOC)
  • Electro-magnets (for brakes, clutches…)


capteurs electro mecaniques
  • Angular velocity sensors
  • Wheel Speed Transducers (WST)
  • Position sensors
  • Commutation sensors
  • Analogic / Discrete


Transmission 5LM
  • Gears
  • Mechanical gearboxes, magnetic gearboxes
  • Mechanical coupling, magnetic coupling
  • Anti-backlash devices
  • Bearings assemblies
  • Axle / Hub

System Control

  • Servo control
  • Control systems: actuator, sensors, power electronics, control electronics, environment (output loads, temperature..)
  • Design, analyses, characterization, modelling, simulation, optimization
  • "Model Based Design" (MBD)

Electronic Integration

integration electronique 5LM
  • Support to specification of electronics dedicated to motor control and other related system components
  • Electronic boards developed by third parts, including aerospace rules when required (DAL A, DO254, DO178)
  • Mechanical integration : interfacing, sealing, EMC

Our Scope of Services

Our scope of services is mainly focused on design activities for advice, support or full-design leading.

Those activities may concern serial production, prototypes, R&T and R&D project, preliminary project, or answer to a RFP. We can also perform critical analyses on existing design, characterization, retro-engineering, and optimization / modernization studies.

Scope of services

Design activities may include:

  • Assisting our customers in formalizing the specification of their need
  • Need analysis, compliance matrix elaboration
  • Research solutions for preliminary architectures
  • Sizing, dimensioning, computation (mechanical, thermal, magnetic and multi-physics analyses)
  • 3D CAD modeling
  • Simulation
  • Drafting, definition and manufacturing plans and drawings generation
  • Design Justification Document
  • Reliability, FMEA, FMECA, Safety analyses

We can also assist you in other related activities.

Related Activities

If the design is the core competency of 5LM, we can also assist you in related activities:

  • Project management
  • Support beside end-customer (follow-up, reviews, expertise)
  • Suppliers choice
  • Creation of assembly instructions or acceptance test procedures (ATP)
  • Design of assembly tools, and test tools for ATP or qualification
  • Project management of contractor’s activities in manufacturing for prototypes or pre-serial production (with your own factory, your suppliers or the ones we may recommend)
  • Assistance in qualification activities: redaction of qualification test plans, qualification test programs, qualification test procedures, qualification test reports
  • Assistance for product investigation (failure or other reasons)

Sector of activity

Historically focused on Aerospace Industry, the sectors of activity of 5LM gather the ones which have specific performance and integration requirements – especially the “embedded equipments”, but more generally sectors linked to Transportation Industry.

  • Aerospace (Aircraft, Helicopters…)
  • Space
  • UAV
  • Industrial
  • Robotics / Cobots
  • Agricultural mechanics
  • Automotives

Software and computer facilities

  • Solidworks Premium (CAO 3D)
  • Simulation by finite elements method for static linear mechanical computation (included in Solidworks Premium Suite)
  • E-motion: pre-sizing analytic software for motors developed by Michel LE BAIL
  • FEMM : Finite Element Method Magnetics developed by David MEEKER (under free public license) : 2D magnetic and thermal simulation
  • Mathematics, numerical computation / matrix computation : Scilab (Free) / Matlab
  • Simulation of multi-physics systems : XCos (Free) / Simulink / Simscape
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Visual Basic
  • Project management tools developed in-house
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Other tools (like 3D magnetic simulation, non-linear mechanical simulation… ) can be set up if required.

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