A pragmatic and efficient organization certified ISO 9001

Efficiency and availability of the workforce

A strong organization allows our workforce to be focused on our actual added value: technical expertise, exploring innovative and efficient solutions for our customers.

Thus, 5LM has set up a customized quality system in order to be efficient first. Our quality system relies mainly on processes related to the achievement of our services. We have developed in-house tools dedicated to project and activity management.

This system is actually followed, without jeopardizing the flexibility required to provide specific support to each customer, but bringing efficiency for the project management.


ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 Certification

We have achieved ISO 9001 certification in 2020.

With a quality system adapted to our organization, and recognized by AFNOR, we can formally address the quality requirements of our customers, without jeopardizing our responsiveness.

Natural affinities
with EN 9100 / AS9100

Natural affinities <br>with EN 9100 / AS9100

When you have been bred within Aerospace Industry, it is easier to formalize a quality system considering the specificities of this sector rather than trying to ignore them!

That is why, and especially for design activities, our company follows lots of principles from this referential, even though no formal checking has been made, and no certification is foreseen in a short term.


5LM engineers are not like an isolated consultant released in the wild.

For each project, 5LM team is fully engaged. If there is only one person, the project manager, who is in charge of following the project, the whole team is regularly involved to criticize and to challenge the foreseen solutions. Emulation and cross-checking ensured by this teamwork provide our customer with robust solutions.

In conformity with our procedures, each deliverable must be approved in-house before to be released: it means at least verification and validation of two separate persons (writer included) with appropriate skill level.

Therefore, the 5LM team is jointly liable for the quality of its deliverables whoever the colleagues or sub-contractors who have contributed.

Team work

Compliance with Customer Need

Everything comes from our customer need, in the aim of satisfying them – nothing really new in this quality mantra.

To bring the intention to realization, each actor (and especially the project manager) must report any possible gap with respect to initial referential (need/compliance) as soon as it occurs, in order to decide together what are the consequences and the related decisions. The quality of the deliverables will be especially evaluated in regard to this referential (with possible updates).

Therefore, there will be no ambiguity about the expectations regarding 5LM services, which if they are well addressed should lead to customer satisfaction!

Project Management

For each project, a Project Manager is designated by 5LM. He will be in charge of managing the project and communicating with customer and 5LM teams:

Follow the planning through only one Actions List dedicated to the project

Follow lead-times and quality of deliverables

Follow the compliance with customer need

Report the progression of the milestones

Objectify the input and output data

Capture the new tasks or actions

Write and release meeting reports

Ensure the management of the configuration and documentation of the project

In case of unforeseen unavailability, the earlier designated backup ensures the continuity of the project, minimizing the negative impacts by the mean of the joined engagement of 5LM team and of the standardized and documented methods of project management.


Configuration and traceability management

5LM offers services. The configuration management and the traceability are mainly related to specification and deliverable documentation, rather than hardware. 5LM has set up a procedure of documentation management according to a standardized indexation system, including revisions’ management.

For a given project, there is basically a 5LM Applicable Document List, including the list of customer document which have been actually received by 5LM. These lists are released at each milestone, and on the project manager initiative or on customer request.

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